Robin Gavilan Cummings

Profile Updated: March 19, 2010
Robin Gavilan
Residing In: Knoxville, TN USA
Spouse/Partner: Divorced
Occupation: Counselor in Recovery center
Children: Jason Cummings born 1975, Rachel Layton 1977, and Mary Gilday 1981 They're all married. Jason & Michelle More…have 5 children, Rachel and Frank have 4 children, and Mary and Todd have 3. All in all I have 5 grandsons & 7 grandaughters. The oldest is a grandson 13 and the youngest is a grandson 6mo. old. It's a grand mixture of ages in between.
Robin Gavilan


Yes! Attending Reunion

Since I graduated the years have been filled with memories to numerous to mention. I married the father of my children for and sadly that did not survive for many reasons which still seem difficult to understand.
We divorced after 23 years and I went through many difficult years but it didn't keep me from trying a second marriage. That marriage only lasted a year and a half.
After my father passed away in 2008, I moved near my two daughters and 7 of my grandchildren in Knoxville. My son is an officer in the Navy and lives in Hawaii with his wife Michelle and 5 children. All in all I have 12 grandchildren is that unbelievable or what!
Life is made up of highs and lows and I've had my share of lows. Many of them I created but today my life is content. I spend my days writing and when I'm not writing I'm with my children or grandchildren. It doesn't get much better than that.
I do service work in treatment centers for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The Center is hiring me to work PRN as needed which is a fancy way of saying part-time. Vocational Rehabilitation is putting me through a program called Peer Support Specialist Training to be a Counselor.
So I can't complain I've got a pretty good life at least today is a good day and that's really all I have. Just today.

School Story:

I was painfully shy in school and remember little about school. Karen Cummings Sanchez and I were and are still friends. I received a typing award my senior year and since I dated her brother Ken she knew how accident prone I was. I had a tendency to spill a drink, trip over something, or break something etc... at their house. There was a bet as to whether I would be able to make it through the process of graduation and accept the award without tripping or falling. I did and was forever grateful. Karen and I joked about it, I think it made me be extra careful. I'm grateful this site came along it has brought to mind memories I haven't thought of in years.

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